Bluehost Hosting Review 2022

Bluehost Company launched a hosting campaign for businesses and professionals in 1996. We have been providing high quality service for more than 10 years to various online customers. They manage to stay in the hosting industry and with them you can ensure a strong hosting package at minimal cost. 

Bluehost Hosting Review:

Bluehost Hosting Review provides a complete list of great features for hosting plans:

Powerful features:

  1. Reliable Customer Service-Many of the overwhelming customer reviews talk about how well Bluehost is serving. They always believe in customer satisfaction, so they operate with a 24/7 network monitoring scheme. This means that highly skilled staff on standby will assist you if you need technical assistance.
  2. High uptime-Maximum guaranteed uptime is 99.9%. This is guaranteed by Bluehost in the event of downtime on your website over a specific period of time. You are entitled to a one month free hosting fee. Bluehost does not allow clients to experience downtime as it causes significant losses to the client. Also, if the client provides inadequate service, the company will not stay this long.
  3. Performance-Bluehost provides excellent functional tools for websites, secure and reliable backups that are very necessary in the event of a hardware failure, and other important features are included in the hosting plan.

Bluehost web hosting company:

These Bluehost hosting reviews really tell you what your company’s trust is. It’s just a solid and honest business. Whether you’re struggling with a novice internet business on a tight budget or a professional business, Bluehost makes the most of your website to attract more traffic. , You can increase your online exposure.

Bluehost is a well-known web hosting company that provides hosting solutions for businesses and individuals. Working together since 1996, they are probably the oldest web hosting company you can find. However, being the oldest does not mean that they will automatically become high quality hosting. I have reviewed Bluehost based on the following criteria:


In a service industry like web hosting, corporate reputation is important. Reputable companies reflect how honest and honest they are in running their business. And Bluehost, which has been established for over a decade, has clearly built a good reputation. You can easily check this by searching Google for hosting reviews.

Hosting Function:

Bluehost has a very unique hosting plan because it has only one hosting plan. They use one plan to fit all strategies. Whether you’re a business owner or a hobby blogger, you host with just one plan. Their plan is to provide unlimited storage and bandwidth. Also, subscribers can host an unlimited number of domains with one account. The hosting feature is pretty good. Unlike other hosting companies that allow only one domain per hosting account, one account can host as many websites as you need. It also allows 100 MySQL databases, 2,500 POP3 email accounts, and 1,000 FTP accounts.

For reference, Bluehost web hosting supports PHP5, Perl5, Python, Ruby, custom PHP.INI files, MySQL, PostgreSQL flash and more.

Scripts and libraries:

When it comes to website scripts, there are pretty comprehensive scripts. One of the highlights is the free drag and drop site builder. This script makes it easy to build a website. You can access this feature from the Bluehostcpanel software and services. This is named Page Wizard SiteBuilder. All you need to do is select a template and customize it with your product and information. Fantastico also allows you to use a large number of scripts and software such as blogging software, forum software, and e-commerce features. If you want to build an internet store, you need e-commerce features such as shopping carts. You can access all of this with their free hosting demos available on their website. If you go to the home page and then to the feature page, you’ll see the hosting demo in the upper right corner of the page.


Web hosting is a technology service that relies on hundreds of other things such as internet connectivity, power supplies, data center HVAC, human monitoring, and more. Therefore, you will not get 100% uptime due to the failure. What matters is the frequency of failures and the time it takes for everything to return to normal after a failure. 99.5% is what Bluehost has achieved so far this year. 99.5% means that it has been down for only 0.5% of the time over the years. This is a very impressive result and I think Bluehost is very reliable.

Customer support:

Customer support is an important factor for web hosting companies. This is because if a subscriber notices a problem, they will first contact support for assistance. If support fails to respond to such requests on time, it will definitely cost the subscriber. Bluehost support consists of sending tickets, telephone support, email support, live chat, and FAQ sessions. It’s fairly comprehensive, but more important is the response time from support. Bluehost support has good response times. If you want to experience yourself, you can always talk to live chat to see the response time when solving a question.

After these five features, it’s not hard to conclude that Bluehost is a high quality web hosting. It’s not only their web hosting experience, but also their quality service. They offer only one hosting plan, but the plans are fairly comprehensive and have great features and scripts, so it’s easy to build a decent one online.

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