Bluehost – Hosting User Review 2022 Online – Does it Suck?

Is there a dilemma that running this review can simplify the decision-making process, whether or not you need to sign up for Bluehost? There are so many cheap web hosting service providers ready to bind you with a promise. Of all the providers, it’s hard to conclude if Bluehost is bad. Most of the reviews of web hosting service providers are there to trap customers. The motivation of such service providers is a one-time, complete effort to convince customers to persuade them about their excellent service.

Later, the photo reveals in front of the customer that everything promised during sign-up is fake. Customers are facing complete disappointment and frustration. Many of these cheap web hosting companies do not receive any kind of support after contracting with a customer. All promises and guarantees are made to reach the customer’s wallet, and the moment the credit card details arrive, the customer’s sales goals are achieved. If you have fallen into the trap of such a web hosting company, you must have experienced a situation where your website was offline for hours and days. In this situation, you lose a lot of visitors, which can be very costly to your site owner. The decision to sign up for a web hosting service provider should only be made after a thorough investigation.

Bluehost Service User Review

The brand name “Bluehost” is a reliable name. The same question arises again as to whether the Bluehost service is not working. The answer to this question is no, Bluehost doesn’t smoke at all. While doing the review, I’m sure even you don’t smoke. Bluehost web hosting providers strongly believe in customer satisfaction, and their efforts to provide live support are the best example in this regard. Bluehost has over 300 servers, each hosting about 800 domains. Well, I don’t think everyone who links to Bluehost is happy, but what you have to guarantee is to follow all the rules in great detail. By following the rules of your Bluehost service provider, you not only prevent yourself from getting into trouble, but you also have a valid basis for making a claim in the event of a problem.

One aspect of Bluehost is to ensure that people trust the “Full Money-back Guarantee”. One can choose to disconnect all relationships with Bluehost at any time. Bluehost will refund the amount in the viewer’s account. However, Bluehost charges US $ 10 for the domain name. It is provided free of charge by Bluehost when you sign up. After paying US $ 10, Bluehost will allow you to retain your domain name forever. Therefore, if you are looking for a web hosting company, Bluehost is an ideal option. This service costs only $ 6.95 per month. After reviewing, there is no doubt that providing a full money-back guarantee should be sufficient motivation under all conditions.

Free Domain Names-Registering:

Free Domain Names-Registering a domain name is expensive (usually between $ 10 and $ 15 a year) and you can’t create a website on the Internet without first registering. Bluehost saves you the cost and hassle of registering your name. It also provides the privacy of free name domains. This will prevent all contact details from being broadcast in the WHOIS database. Most domain registrars charge for this service. Bluehost will continue to renew your domain name registration for free as long as you are hosting your domain name. Also, if for some reason you need to change to another hosting provider, your domain name will be fully owned and registered. This makes switching very easy (some less cautious companies register their domains by name, which makes transfer very difficult).

Up to 2500 secure email addresses-one for each member of your company’s staff! Alternatively, you can use a different email address (sales @ ….., support @ ….., demandies @ ….., etc.) to make the operation look bigger than it really is.

Fantastico Script Support-Fantastico allows you to instantly install over 50 scripts for blogs, forums, shopping carts, portals and more, all seamlessly integrated into your control panel.

50 MySQL Databases-50, of course, even if you think you don’t need one database, but you need a separate MySQL database for each Fantastico script you run, so this huge number of databases is very much for most users. Convenient.

Free Site Promotion Tools-Includes all the tools for search engine submission, keyword analysis, and search engine location reporting.

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Free Marketing Credits-$ 50 Yahoo Credits and $ 25 Google Credits. Use these credits for pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns to promote your site to the top of search engine rankings. For many, these vouchers would be as good as cash, as they were spending money on PPC services anyway.

Customer service and technical support:

Bluehost has long been associated with an extraordinary level of customer service, and the overwhelming majority of user reviews and case reports seem to support this. Bluehost operates 24/7 toll-free support, which is considered the “gold standard” of the hosting industry. This means that if you run into problems, you can immediately contact your technical support representative to quickly find out what you need to know. Of course, having operatives in the call center 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is one thing, but to fully train them so that they can solve any technical support issues that may arise. Is a completely different thing. Bluehost is well above average in this area, especially for such large companies.

Our advice is that you should always contact the host company of your choice before you sign up for them. Bluehost is no exception, testing phone support, asking technical questions, and ringing at midnight (if awake). This is a great way to see for yourself how they work. Bluehost also offers an online technical support service, which is probably worth a try. Online services aren’t immediate, but they’re still faster than in most cases. Our experience shows that neither service is unlikely to be disappointing. However, it’s a good idea to check for yourself first.


Bluehost guarantees 99.9% uptime, so if your server’s uptime falls below this number in a particular month, you’re eligible for free monthly hosting. As you can imagine, this means that uptime rarely falls below this high threshold. Server speed is best tested by displaying the sites currently hosted by Bluehost. They have a section on customer feedback and a forum where you can collect some URLs for this purpose. However, considering the amount of disk space and bandwidth you get, and the amount you have to pay for it, server speeds are generally considered to be good. Another aspect of performance that I feel I have to mention is the control panel. This is where the site-wide setup and maintenance takes place and is likely to be very familiar. This means that a poor control panel can really ruin your hosting experience. Thankfully, Bluehost uses one of the best, slightly customized versions of cPanel. Both speed and ease of use are great, and it’s packed with more features than most of us ever need. What’s really cool is that Bluehost provides a fully functional demo of the control panel on its website.

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