Create a Website with Wix: E-Commerce and Photography Website

create a website with wix
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Looking to establish your e-commerce business? Or do you want to get online for your photography business? Both purposes need professional and advanced website builders. They make website development simple, fast and cost-effective. Hence, you can easily create your website with Wix. And you can make your online presence strong.

                                 WIX Website

WIX is the leading choice when it comes to photography and eCommerce website development. Wix website builders enjoy a top position because of the stunning template for WIX, attractive WIX pricing plan, and user-friendly approach. On the WIX platform, you can create professional, creative, and mobile responsive websites.

Your eCommerce or photography sites must be exceptionally designed. In both niches, the first impression counts a lot that can only be made with well-designed websites. The users never want to stay on a site that is difficult to use. Along with the functionality, the website design matters a lot.

The WIX website development strategy is innovative. And also advanced that allows retailers to create an everlasting lasting impression on viewers. You can easily create the site by choosing the attractive WIX website designs for e-commerce and photography.

With the advanced features, drop and drag interface, and exceptional templates, you can easily design a top-notch website to stand out among competitors. You can choose from the existing WIX templates or customize your design. However, the WIX website allows you to transform your ideas into reality to enjoy an incredible online position.

1-WIX Ecommerce Website Designing: 

WIX Ecommerce Website Designing
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Designing an e-commerce website requires no more the learning of dry coding or other expert techniques. WIX website builders have made the task quite easy. You can easily create your website with Wix. However, to make your online business successful, you need a professional e-commerce site with exclusive features.

When we talk about the best e-commerce website builders, WIX comes first. From SEO-friendly and easily customizable WIX  eCommerce template, you can choose a suitable theme for your website. Hence, this platform has so much to offer you so that you can start gaining profits online. 

Along with high-end site features, the WIX pricing plan is highly flexible and does not burden startup businesses. You are also free to fully customize your website including product listing view, theme, color scheme, font, shopping cart, and much more. However, you do not need to be a coding or development expert to accomplish these tasks. 

Everything is extremely simple and efficient with WIX. You can also easily set up a customer wish list, mini cart, customizable tabs, buttons, and more. The initial packages and WIX premium plan pricing are highly convenient. However, with your website’s success, you can also upgrade the plan for more exciting features. 

2- How to create a Website with WIX for E-commerce? 

WIX eCommerce website building is extremely simple. Retailers who plan to establish their online presence must consider WIX as an eCommerce website builder. However, to create a successful and appealing site, you need to follow some easy and simple steps. Here is a step-by-step guide for making an e-commerce website by using WIX. Have a look! 

3- WIX Website Login:

WIX Website Login 
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To start creating your WIX eCommerce website, create an account on WIX. This process is simple and consists of various easy steps. You just require 20 to 30 seconds for WIX sign-up. Provide your valid email address along with a password to start using this platform. Then log in to the WIX website. This makes you a part of the WIX community thus allowing you to proceed further. Without logging in, using all the features and aspects of this platform is not possible. This is the first and foremost step to creating a website with WIX for e-commerce. 

4- Choose a Suitable WIX eCommerce Pricing Plan: 

 Sometimes people ask if the WIX website is free? You can start using the WIX platform for free however, a free plan will not unlock all the features and eCommerce capabilities. For successful business marketing and selling, you require a paid plan. This gives you access to more professional and unique features of an e-commerce website creation. 

You can go for premium subscriptions for business and e-commerce. Click Here For WIX Premium Subscriptions.

However, all the plans come with advanced capabilities including a free SSL certificate, online payments, free one-year domain, unlimited bandwidth, and much more.

For a small eCommerce business setup, you can select a basic business plan or a business unlimited plan. Hence, the large businesses for more professional website development can choose the Business VIP plan. WIX also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee based on your dissatisfaction.

5- Set your Goals and Make a Right Strategy 

Developing the right branding and marketing strategy is essential for an online retailer. As the competition is high in all the industries. To make your presence strong, you need to follow the right path. Your eCommerce website speaks much about your professionalism, concerns, and goals. 

Despite this, you need to pay special attention to designing a top-notch portfolio. For this, your business goals and purpose should be clear. Also, identify your audience and customers. So that you can add features that they want to see. You should also analyze your competitors’ websites to develop a better strategy. This will give you a clear idea of how you can make your eCommerce website stand out. 

6- Choose your WIX Ecommerce  Template or Design: 

When it comes to an eCommerce website design, WIX has an incredible option. This platform is famous for offering incredible eCommerce website templates and designs. You can choose from WIX editor or WIX ADI. With Adi options, your eCommerce website will be created automatically after asking some questions. 

You will give answers according to your business preferences to create a suitable website. However, with the ADI option, you are available with several customization options. In this method, you can make changes to your website designs and features. Both the procedures are simple, fast, and reliable.

Various eCommerce WIX website templates for eCommerce are there with a lot of themes, color combinations, features, and more. You can create a professional online store or platform by choosing any of these templates. After deciding on a suitable WIX eCommerce template, you can also customize them. This includes the customization of images, content, branding elements, page styles, product listings, fonts, and much more. 

7- Setup the Website:

create a website with wix-Setup the Website
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Now, you need a website domain after choosing a theme. For this, you have to go to the setting on the WIX platform and then select “Domain”. You can either buy a new domain for your website or connect a domain that you already have. After connecting the domain, the website setup work starts. You can now start selling your products and services online. 

This includes adding products to your WIX eCommerce website, shipping setup, payment methods, and more. To add products, go to the option “store products” and then click on the upper left corner on “New Product”. This way, you can easily add products with their name, descriptions, images, videos, prices, and more. WIX also provides you opportunities to mark products under the category of “New Arrivals”, “Sale” and other settings. You can also easily control product size options, colors, tracking, and more.

8- Manage Shipping and Payment Methods:

Managing the shipping rules and payment methods with WIX is easy. You can determine the areas where you will provide shipping along with the rules and rates. There are also options available that allow you to add regions. There you can provide free shipping to the customers. Also, you can give customers an option to pick products from your store. This way they can save shipping costs.

With the WIX payment processing system, you can set up the best payment methods for the convenience of your customers. This allows you to accept payment through PayPal, credit cards, UnionPay, American Express, and many other ways. The transaction processing charges are 0.30$ per transaction which is very low. Except for this, WIX does not take any commission.

9- Establish your website: 

Now you are ready to publish your website to start earning online. Make sure that your domain is connected. You can do this by clicking on the “Publish” button visible in the top left corner after completing all the steps carefully. 

Create A Website With WIX for Photography

Create A Website With WIX for Photography
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WIX offers incredible chances for photographers who want to remain at the top of search engines with top-notch photography website design. Surely, it is the best platform to create high-end photography portals according to advanced standards. A well-designed photography site can take your business to the next level by gaining the right attention from customers. 

This is a great way to share your professional work, images, plans, strategies, and more. However, you can perfectly communicate to the target audience. And also convince them about your top-notch services. WIX photography website templates and designs allow you to create highly creative websites without any difficulty. 

Without any technical expertise, you can create a highly functional and influential website for your business. You can do this in a short time. WIX is the best choice for professionals as well as beginners. WIX has almost 500 templates with simple functionality and simple editors. 

How to Create a Website with WIX for Photography? 

Here are some simple steps you need to consider when designing a professional WIX photography website. 

1- WIX Login & Photography Website Setup: 

WIX Login & Photography Website Setup 
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For the WIX photography website, you need to create an account on WIX by following simple steps. After that, you need to select a website setup option from ADI or a manual tool as discussed above. With ADI, WIX will automatically generate your photography website after asking a few questions about your concerns. However, the website will be created based on your answers.

With a manual tool, you are available with unlimited customization options. You can add your desirable features, buttons, payment options, product listing, and more. ADI is efficient and time-saving, however, the manual tool allows you to show your creativity while designing a photography website. 

2- Choose a WIX Photography Template:

Choose a WIX Photography Template 
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 Your photography website design matters a lot to captivate the attention of the target audience. The website theme, color scheme, fonts, and all other things must be creative. To fulfill this requirement, WIX offers incredible photography templates from which you can choose the suitable one. As a photographer, you must choose a top-notch website design showing your portfolio, your work, and other aspects you want to display. 

3- Choose an Attractive Background:

Adding a simple yet attractive background for your photography website is great. It also showcases your work and portfolio. WIX offers simple as well as creative backgrounds with various attractive features. Hence, you must choose the one that displays your work excellently. The color scheme must be outstanding along with simple themes. Your website design and background should be evident to make you prominent among others. 

4- Show your Work by Adding Photos, Galleries & Videos:

WIX photography website templates offer you an incredible space to show your previous work, images, services, and other aspects. Various impressive options allow you to add your images, portfolio, previous work, videos, slideshows, customize buttons, and many other features. 

This makes people familiar with your work easily and quickly at the first glance. However, you should display all the work and graphics clearly that allow customers to easily have a glimpse of your portfolio. 

You are also available with a chance to create multiple albums, contact forms, and much more. Also add a content section describing you as a photographer, your work, strategies, business plans, and much more. 

5- Connect Domain and Publish a website: 

 After accomplishing all the tasks, you need to choose a website domain that is a crucial part of your WIX photography website. You can choose the domain from settings or connect your own. After that, your website is ready to publish. You can click on the publish button to get a professional, creative and user-friendly website with WIX. 


Creating e-commerce and photography websites with WIX is not a difficult task. You can do this simply and easily to make your online presence strong. Ultimately, your business will gain remarkable success in a short time.

The WIX website designing approach is professional, simple, fast, and efficient with affordable WIX pricing. So, create your account on WIX now and start the process of designing your website without going through any difficult tasks…