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liquid web hosting review
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Liquid Web Review – Pricing, and Features

Liquid Web is the pioneer in the hosting industry, having launched in 1997. The company now offers managed VPS hosting, managed cloud hosting, and windows dedicated server hosting. Their famed speedy and helpful service is known as “Heroic Support.” In this liquid web review, we will know why it supports called “Heroic support”

When it comes to cloud and virtual private server hosting, Liquid Web is among the top contenders. At least one suggestion will provide the top-tier resources you need to launch a successful (or soon-to-be-launched) website. How well does it perform, and is it reliable enough for mission-critical work?

To ensure maximum speed, performance, and security, each and every one of Liquid Web’s hosting servers has been fine-tuned. Liquid web WordPress hosting service offers a staging area, automated updates, and a centralized control panel for managing many sites with ease.  Let’s check out more in this liquid web hosting review.

Types of Liquid Web Hosting

If you need more than just a basic shared hosting plan, go no further than Liquid Web, a leading source of high-end hosting solutions, one of the best dedicated hosting server and best cloud dedicated server hosting. Sharing a server with other people is one way to save money, but there are other choices available from Liquid Web as well.

What Is Dedicated Server Hosting And Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

Virtual private server plans are identical to shared ones. Every one of those websites is hosted on a single physical server. Nevertheless, a Virtual Private Server’s superior performance stands out as the most notable distinction.

In contrast to shared hosting, where all sites on a server share the same pool of resources, with a virtual private server (VPS), only your website may utilize the resources that have been set aside for it..

Liquid Web pricing and plans

When it comes to web hosting, Liquid Web is a quality service with a wide range of options. Managed WordPress services from its subsidiary firm, Nexcess, starting at $12.67 per month. However, with prices beginning at $25.00/month, Liquid Web’s VPS hosting is the most often used option. Plus, there are cutting-edge options like Public Cloud and dedicated servers.

Managed WordPress and virtual private servers (VPS) may be grown to a monthly cost of $600+. Nonetheless, virtual private server hosting on Liquid Web is where most people start, so that’s what I’ll be discussing here.

There are four primary VPS hosting options available from Liquid Web. Bundle & Save hosting packages, on the other hand, include services like professional email, an extra 100GB backup capacity, server security, and a Threat Stack Oversight Detection system for a little higher price.

Ten terabytes of bandwidth, distributed denial of service (DDoS) protection, constant monitoring, and a firewall are included across all plans.

At this stage, everything is subject to the requirements of your project. The number of server resources required can only be estimated by you or your developer. If you’re still in the prototype stage, however, go with the lowest plan possible and expand later.

Liquid web Hosting Plans

  • Dedicated Server Hosting - $149.25/mo - $411.75/mo
  • Cloud Dedicated Servers- $149/mo - $699/mo
  • Managed WordPress Hosting - $13.30/mo - $699.30/mo
  • Managed WooCommerce - $13.30/mo - $699.30/mo
  • HIPAA Compliant Hosting - $272/mo - $743/mo

Best Value

If you’re willing to commit to a two-year plan and pay in advance, the 2GB RAM option is your best bet. A grand amount of $600 has been accumulated. But we are constantly on the lookout for greater bargains, so check if there is a special offer for you.

The renewal fee is more than the original, and that’s the only downside. Once again, you’ll be charged a higher monthly rate. In the web hosting sector, higher renewal prices are the norm, and Liquid Web is no exception. One last factor is the return policy. This policy may be difficult to understand and implement.

 Refund Policy

According to Liquid Web’s refund policy, you won’t get your money back if you cancel a service.

While there may be no official word on the matter, several Liquid Web reviews have verified that you may request a refund for wasted VPS time by getting in touch with customer care.

Therefore, although the first point is cause for worry, the user experience should provide some comfort. After all, it wouldn’t be great to have to pay for the service indefinitely without any way to stop it.

Overall, Liquid Web offers an adaptable enterprise-level solution. Is this something you really need? This makes it rather pricey, however there are a few cheaper versions available with special introductory pricing.

Managed Dedicated Servers – Liquid web review

To put it simply, dedicated servers hosting dedicates a whole server to your website and no other. When renting a dedicated server, you may customize its settings and configuration to your specifications; in contrast, restricted plans sometimes limit your choice of software and other configuration choices. If you’re looking for dedicated servers cheap, and with great performance, look no further than liquid web.

If your website deals with sensitive data and has a huge volume of visitors, you should only choose the most secure and high-performing hosting alternatives, which are those listed above. While virtual private server (VPS) plans and even certain forms of shared hosting may help keep your site safe, dedicated servers provide the highest level of both security and speed.

Dedicated Server Hosting

$ 149
  • Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3 - $129/mo
  • Intel Xeon Silver 4208 - $179/mo
  • Dual Intel Xeon E5-2620 v3 - $234

WooCommerce Packages – liquid web review

Liquid Web additionally offers specialized WooCommerce solutions made specifically for the improvement of an online shop. This WooCommerce bundle was created with one goal in mind: to improve the speed and efficiency of the virtual shop. Thus, entrepreneurs may use Liquid Web to lessen the impact of any dips in profits.

What Is Managed Woocommerce Hosting?

New to Liquid Web’s offerings are managed WordPress and best managed woocommerce hosting options, which are supported by the same reliable VPS hosting and 24/7/365 Heroic Support® that have made the firm a favorite among webmasters everywhere. With completely managed assistance, site owners don’t have to worry about doing routine tasks like updating and installing software or keeping an eye on the server’s performance. If you’re using WordPress for your website or company, Liquid Web will handle the backend while you focus on what you do best. Liquid Web does not base its plans on the number of monthly visits or the size of a user’s bandwidth as other WordPress providers like WP Engine and Flywheel do.

There is more than enough SSD space and bandwidth included in each plan to support the maximum number of sites. No additional fees are incurred for higher volumes of traffic, and administrators may easily boost capacity with a phone call. Liquid Web has teamed with iThemes to provide iThemes Sync Pro to website owners in place of WP MultiSite. Insights on uptime and downtime, Google Analytics data, and SEO performance may be gleaned by site managers via a centralized dashboard. We highly suggest WordPress for use in any kind of website. The intuitiveness and adaptability of WordPress, coupled with the top-tier reliability and customer service of Liquid Web, makes for a hosting marriage made in hosting heaven. You can get the speed and flexibility you need without the hassle of the company’s managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting solutions. We recommend Liquid Web to anybody contemplating creating a WordPress site.

Managed WooCommerce

Affordable, Highly-Performant, and Easy to Scale eCommerce Hosting
$ 13
  • Starter - $13.30/mo
  • Creator - $55.30/mo
  • Merchant - $104.30/mo
  • Standard - $209.30/mo
  • Growth - $384.30/mo
  • Enterprise - $699.30/mo

Managed WordPress Hosting – liquid web review

The term “managed WordPress hosting” refers to a service in which the host “manages” your WordPress installation and server on your behalf. This implies that it will handle a number of crucial duties, such as website updates, without your intervention.

WordPress can be hosted on pretty much any host, but if you want the best speed, security, and user-friendliness, as well as a hosting dashboard designed just for WordPress, you should look into managed WordPress hosting.

It’s more of a concierge service, taking care of your site’s technical needs so you can concentrate on expanding your company.

Managed WordPress hosting is a webhosting solution that gives your WordPress site access to the most cutting-edge tools available, guaranteeing its speed and security. Hosting services like Liquid Web manage all aspects of hosting, including backups, security checks, WordPress updates, and more.

All or almost all of the important features we covered before should be present. One promising indicator is if the supplier takes care of routine maintenance like software upgrades and data backups for you. Examine its safety and efficiency enhancing features next. Your host should be transparent about the measures it takes to ensure the security of your site and the reliability of its services. Get in contact with the company’s sales staff via live chat if you have any questions.

Find out whether the provider will install and setup your server (virtual or physical) to your specifications if you’re considering a VPS or dedicated plan. Lastly, and most importantly, you need to make sure the strategy is tailored to WordPress. Not everyone needs or wants a managed WordPress hosting plan, but if you don’t feel comfortable handling technical aspects of your website, it may be a huge time saver.

Having been in business for over 25 years, Liquid Web is a trusted provider of managed WordPress hosting services and customer support.

WordPress Hosting

Expertly Curated Hosting That Helps You Build, Optimize and Grow
$ 4
  • Spark - $4.75/mo
  • Maker - $19.75/mo
  • Designer - $27.25/mo
  • Builder - $37.25/mo
  • Producer - $74.75/mo
  • Executive - $137.25/mo

Assistance and Client Service

24/7/365 US-based Heroic Support is available from Liquid Web. Live chat, phone, and support requests are all supported by knowledgeable agents.

Liquid Web promises a quick answer to any questions you may have about their services. The average response time for phone calls and live chats is under a minute, while the average response time for support requests is under 30 minutes. Members of the staff have been instructed to “own the ticket,” meaning that your problem will not be handed from one person to another.

Liquid Web has excellent customer assistance, according to user reviews. Help desk agents are always helpful, well-informed, and fast to fix any issues that may crop up.

Free site transfer

There is no charge to migrate your WordPress site to the Liquid Web servers if you already have one up and running. With features like daily automated backups, full server access, round-the-clock support, automatic SSL, etc., a switch to Liquid Web is a wise decision.

Allow Command Line Interface Access

All liquid web hosting plans include the command line interface (CLI), so users can manage their WordPress plugins and websites directly from the command line. Liquid Web, like many other web hosting providers, will set up the CMS of your choice for you. That being said, there are a plethora of add-ons in the repository from which to choose to tailor the site to your specific needs.

VPS Safe Environment

Since shared hosting’s performance is so much worse than VPS, we’ve migrated our liquid web hosting there. Liquid Web saw the need for a managed WordPress hosting service and responded by offering such services on virtual private servers.

HIPAA Compliance Hosting

What is HIPAA compliant hosting? Businesses that handle or hold electronic protected health information (ePHI or PHI) are subject to severe regulations imposed by HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996), which include administrative, physical, and technological precautions. HIPAA-compliant solutions are available from Liquid Web, which is one of the best hipaa compliant web hosting including managed dedicated, virtual private server, and cloud dedicated options. The HITECH Certification of Liquid Web has been verified by an independent auditing organization.

If a client’s protected health information is stolen or compromised, it might result in severe repercussions, including the loss of their business and even criminal charges. To guarantee the safety of our customers, we have developed compliant hosting solutions, which include checks to ensure that the necessary technological controls, backup management, protections, and physical security measures are in place to keep your data safe.

HIPAA Compliant Hosting

$ 229 Monthly
  • Standalone HIPAA Server - $229/mo
  • HIPAA Server & Firewall Package- $428/mo
  • HIPAA Multi-Server Package- $657/mo

What is High Performance Hosting? – liquid web review

A high-performance solution always makes use of numerous servers, a load balancer for traffic management, and a firewall for data security and protection. Separate physical servers are often used for websites and databases, together with a managed service for file replication and a private network switch.

Each server in the system is optimized to work at a high level, which often entails using the most recent processing innovations and enough RAM and solid-state storage to accomplish all of the system’s business goals, even during peak demand. To keep everything running smoothly, a load balancer directs traffic to the appropriate servers, and the web and app servers get data from the dedicated database server as required. Clustered servers, which include redundancy to assure availability and stable performance, are one example of a more involved high-performance design.

Why Is High Performance Hosting Important? – liquid web review

All systems for high-performance hosting use several servers, just as clusters do, but not all multi-server solutions are designed for HPC. An example of a typical Liquid Web High Performance hosting arrangement would be their use of a managed Stingray shared load balancer with a virtual IP to direct traffic over the firewall to a pair of managed web servers. Each web server shall contain a minimum of two 250 GB solid-state drives (SSDs) in a RAID-1 configuration, and an Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 Quad-Core CPU with at least 16 GB of DDR4 SDRAM (four drives total). A private 8-port Gigabit switch will link them on the back end to a database server.

What is High Availability Database Hosting?

In many scenarios, such as e-commerce, your site or app may experience delay or outage if it starts to tax the capabilities of a single server. In particular, when your server is already overloaded due to a peak period of activity.

Multiple servers You may benefit from a high-performance solution. In order to maintain optimal site performance, it is recommended to use many servers in conjunction with a load balancer.

Liquid web stands as one of the best High Availability Database Hosting in the world!

What Is A Cluster Node Server? – liquid web review

A cluster of servers is a set of servers that share the same IP address and are administered as a single unit. This architecture guarantees better availability, balanced load, and scalable capacity.

Each server is a node in a network, and each node has its own dedicated storage (hard drive), memory (RAM), and processing (CPU). In the case of a cluster with two nodes, for instance, if one of the physical servers fails, the other will take over instantly. Failover clustering allows you to keep your system online at all times.

The best way to ensure hardware redundancy is to employ numerous web and app nodes. A high-availability cluster describes this design pattern. If a part breaks, it reduces the likelihood of an extended outage.

This is particularly true in the event of an OS failure, as a single server lacks operating system redundancy. Users will be completely unaware of the server breakdown since there will be no site outages.

Server clusters often fall into one of two categories: manual or automated. Due to the inherent downtime in manually configuring a node to the same data IP and address, manual clusters are not optimal. Two to five minutes of downtime might be very costly or even life-threatening. However, automated clusters permit in advance software configuration. The server swap occurs mechanically in a cluster configuration.

What Is Cluster Server And How It Works?

There are several advantages to using a clustered server architecture in your business. A few reasons why server clusters are worth considering are listed below.

Increased Availability of Resources: If one of the Intelligence Servers in a cluster goes down, the others can step in and handle the extra work. Since the servers are clustered, you’ll be able to save time and money.

Strategic use of available resources: With clustered servers, you may assign tasks to individual nodes as needed. Since not all machines are needed to complete the operation, this reduces costs by enabling you to deploy your resources with more agility.

Using a cluster of computers boosts performance since more processing cores are being used.

Increased scalability Clustered servers make it simple to add more processing power and more storage as your user base grows and your workloads get more complicated.

Clustering simplifies the administration of big or expanding systems.

Managed windows hosting

For eCommerce companies, choosing between a managed and unmanaged VPS account might be a difficult decision when searching for a Windows VPS hosting plan. The web host will only install Windows on an unmanaged VPS, but the customer will have complete administrative access. The client is responsible for everything else, including security hardening, app installation, etc. In contrast, the VPS provider will provide a whole suite of tools with the managed Windows VPS. The web host will also take care of the VPS server’s initial configuration, ongoing maintenance, and troubleshooting in the event of any operating difficulties.

Managed dedicated server hosting is where Liquid Web really shines. The firm has invested heavily in five cutting-edge datacenters throughout the United States and Europe, and its employees work relentlessly to design, develop, and maintain tailored solutions that provide superior speed, reliability, and safety. Liquid Web provides completely, core, and self-managed options for both single- and dual-processor servers. At least 250 GB of high-performance solid-state drive storage and a 1 terabyte SATA disk are included in every computer. Compared to the competition, the company’s allotted RAM and bandwidth provide clients with high-end, high-performance settings. Site owners may take advantage of a cPanel Premier 100 control panel, sophisticated DDoS protection, and heightened security by upgrading RAM and disk space.

Database Hosting

Database hosting is a service where a third party, often a cloud provider, provides the infrastructure and hardware necessary to host a client’s database. They set up the network in a way that only authorized users can access it, make sure there are enough resources to expand the database as required, and provide managed services depending on customer needs. Relational databases and non-relational databases, or NoSQL databases, are the two most common forms of databases.

One popular kind of database is the relational database. Since their existence has been documented for so long, several other data center and cloud hosting choices have emerged to accommodate their needs. Liquid web hosting login is fully safe and secure.

Data storage systems that don’t rely on rows and columns, like a relational database, are collectively referred to as NoSQL databases. It’s important to think about which NoSQL database best fits the demands of the application since there are many different kinds. Since they are often developed with cloud computing in mind from the start, they are excellent candidates for database hosting.

There are several alternatives for hosting both relational and non-relational databases, which is wonderful since most common databases may be hosted.

Pros of Using Liquid Web Hosting

There are several advantages to working at Liquid Web. Let’s take a closer look at this, shall we?

  1. Free Email Accounts

You will need to use email to communicate with many different people in the course of operating a company, including employees, clients, suppliers, and partners. One of the best ways to build trust and credibility with your audience is to use an email address that is consistent with the domain name of your website.

The good news is that Liquid Web’s VPS package includes free branded email addresses. You may use the Liquid Web CP to manage these accounts.

Interestingly, this feature is not extensively advertised on the Liquid Web homepage. To learn more, we contacted customer service.

  1. Amazing Customer Support

Live chat is the quickest and most effective method of contact. Studies using live chat have shown that over half of customers value a company’s availability to provide assistance at all hours. A nice chat experience and quick responses from customer service have been shown to boost sales.

We gave the live chat a try and discovered an exceptionally quick response time. We contacted them twice and both times received prompt responses.

In addition to the aforementioned channels of contact, Liquid Web also provides a comprehensive knowledge base. There you can discover a plethora of articles and guides covering a wide range of common problems and their solutions.

  1. Fast page load times

When it comes to the speed of the sites it hosts, Liquid Web makes some pretty big promises on its website.  When deciding on a web host, speed is a crucial consideration. Customers will flee in droves if they have to wait too long for your website to open, and you won’t rank as well on big search engines like Google.

As an example, in 2020, a desktop’s average speed index will be 4.7 seconds, while a mobile device would be 11.4. Though Google recommends a speed index of 3 seconds or less. Liquid Web continues to meet or exceed expectations, as seen by the company’s 270 ms average page load time, which ranks among the best in the hosting market.

  1. Free SSL Security

Whether your website is accessible through HTTP or HTTPS depends on whether or not you have installed an SSL certificate.

If you’re concerned about cyber security, you should use HTTPS instead of the less secure HTTP. Potential clients may be put off by Google’s labeling of HTTP sites as insecure.

If you have an online store but it is not protected by HTTPS, the browser will transmit your customers’ credit card details in plain text. Customers’ personal information, including email addresses, passwords, payment data, and more, is at risk if hackers are scanning your website. This is why SSL encryption of your website is crucial.

The good news is that Liquid Web’s support staff will set up a free, minimal SSL certificate for you. There are alternative premium SSL certificates you may get if you’re concerned about security.

  1. Free Site Transfer

Suppose you already have a popular website hosted elsewhere but you’re interested in switching. There’s no need to scrap all you’ve built for your website and start over. To switch hosting providers, you’ll require migration services. This is a free service provided by Liquid Web.

Websites hosted on the Liquid Web server as well as those hosted elsewhere may be migrated for subscription.

On the Liquid Web website, you can read a fantastic essay detailing the company’s thorough transfer procedure.

  1. Dashboard and Panel Options

Most of the hosting providers we’ve looked at only provide one control panel with their services, but Liquid Web gives you a choice between three: Plesk, InterWorx, and cPanel. If you pay for a full year or two years at once, all of these features are included in the price.

The Liquid Web InterWox control panel is intuitive. Everything linked to your hosting account, including settings, backups, domains, and payments, can be handled in one central location.

In general, after getting used to it, their own control panel is simple and straightforward.

Cons of liquid web 

  1. Not for beginners
  2. Not the cheapest hosting service


Final Words

This web host provides a lot of useful tools, like fully managed WordPress hosting on powerful VPS servers and Heroic Support that is second to none. If your website expands and needs additional server space in the future, you can be certain that Liquid Web will be able to accommodate you with its flexible hosting options. Liquid web is not a cheap dedicated hosting server, it is one of the best dedicated server hosts you will find online.

To sum up, this web host is a solid alternative if you’re looking for quality-managed WordPress Hosting and are prepared to pay a little extra. There’s no need to worry since Liquid Web has genuine personnel that care about their customers. They’re qualified people who can take care of you.

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